What is the relationship between Deckwar Tapered Shims and Paramount Tapered Shims?

A: Deckwar Tapered Shims is the manufacture’s name. Paramount Tapered Shims is the product name. The definition of “Paramount” is having superior power. As the Home Page states, “The Only Universal Shim That Fits Them All!”

What makes Paramount Tapered Shims better than other shims now out on the market?

A: They are a one piece copper tapered shim with long wear life. Other shims on the market are either laminated or multiple piece shims out of other metals that could break down over time.

Why are Paramount Tapered Shims made of copper?

A: Copper is a metal that does not rust and as long as the engine is maintained with proper care, the shim will last the life of the engine.

Why use Paramount Tapered Shims?

A: They are the best copper shim made on the market. They are cheaper than putting in new insert bearings. You either shim it or replace the worn bearings with new ones, if you can find them. It may be difficult to find new bearings for older applications so Paramount Tapered Shims is the perfect solution.

When do you use Paramount Tapered Shims?

A: When a mechanic finds that the clearance on the rod or main bearings needs to be shimmed up to correct the clearances per manufacture’s specs. Some mechanics like to insert Paramount Tapered Shims in new engines once they have gone 3,000 miles to prolong the life of the bearings.

How do you choose the correct thickness of shim for the job?

A: You will need to use plastigauge to choose the thickness needed depending on the amount of wear on the bearing. A knowledgeable mechanic will know how to choose the correct thickness of shim using plastigauge.

How long does a Paramount Tapered Shim last once it has been inserted and installed in a bearing?

A: With proper maintenance of the engine, they should last the life of the engine.

Will I need to replace the Paramount Tapered Shim with a thicker shim down the road?

A: Possibly, depending on time and wear on the existing bearings.