Product Information

Deckwar Tapered Shims are main and rod bearing shims made of a hard copper alloy, correctly engineered and accurately tapered. Boxed in sheet form in five thicknesses —.001”, .002”, .003”, .004” and .005”—six inches wide and 5¼ inches long. For a 1" wide insert bearing the mechanic cuts with shears, a strip 1" wide and 5¼" long. This one inch tapered shim, which is tapered from the center toward each end, is wrapped around insert bearing and easily pressed into insert housing.

When, for reasons of time and costs, the crankshaft cannot be reground or corrected on a well-worn job, the old insert bearings can be returned to their proper setting with the easy installation of Deckwar Tapered Shims.


Standard Box Sets

12 Sheets (one thickness) per box—order now!


12 Sheets (assorted) consisting of:
2 - .001”
5 - .002”
3 - .003”
1 - .004”
1 - .005”

Introductory Sample Box

5 sheets consisting of one sheet of each of our shim thicknesses.

The Only Universal Tapered Shim THAT FITS THEM ALL. Place an order!